About TribeWizard

Welcome to Tribewizard Gamification

We believe Knowledge Retention positively correlate with successful application at work. The more knowledge is retained after training workshops, the better the usage effectiveness and work productivity. Wastages now can be minimized and Training ROI maximized with proactive engagement model that leads to positive retention and productive application. We believe employees who are fueled with knowledge can play bigger roles in empowering their organizations forward.

Let TribeWizard’s proprietary proactive engagement model — Knowledge Retention & Enhancement System (KRES) — engages your learners, reinforces their learning, maximizes their knowledge retention, and inspires their knowledge application in your business.

TribeWizard’s role is simple. We provide a platform for you to engage your learners to help them retain more knowledge, so that they can perform better, and the organizations can realize its full business potentials.

Our clients are companies like yours. Whether on the lookout for ways to improve the training ROI as Corporate L&D, or to provide more value to your corporate clients as Training Providers, TribeWizard’s KRES fits in perfectly. We provide a platform to develop more engaged, knowledgeable, higher performing employees that shape a vibrant, forward-thinking corporate culture.